Bruce Harvie

Senior Account Manager

Sean is a veteran Republican campaign manager known for running aggressive grassroots campaigns in competitive swing states like Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Whether running races for Congress, the state house, or statewide office, Sean knows how to build winning campaigns in tough districts. Sean’s specialties include communications, grassroots organizing, and social media content. 

President, CEO

Jeff served as Deputy Executive Director of the NRCC from 2010-2012, where he was a senior political strategist for the House Republican leadership.  In that role he was integrally involved in every targeted House race in the country and developed an unmatched expertise about the electoral map and what makes the decisive difference in campaigns. Prior to his tenure at the NRCC, Jeff served on the senior staff to Eric Cantor.

Sean McCort

Jeff Burton

Vice President

Bruce has worked on Republican campaigns in over 20 states over the last decade.  During that time he has managed eight campaigns, including four congressional campaigns.  With a specialty in communications and building political organizations, Bruce has consulted for candidates as a media consultant, pollster, and general consultant.

Winning starts with the right team.