Our Services

Prevail Strategies is a full service political consulting, public affairs, and event planning firm. With years of experience in Washington, DC and around the country, Prevail offers top-level management with a record of success.

Political Consulting

Many political consulting firms still operate in an outdated model that places a premium on their fees rather than the most effective strategy. Prevail prides itself in never losing sight of the goal line, and using the most direct route to get there. Simply put, our priority is winning races in the most efficient and focused way possible.

From general consulting for local, congressional and statewide candidates to developing individual district or state specific and national Super PACs and 501c(4) advocacy organizations, years of top-level political management at both the candidate and the national committee level has given Prevail a unique capacity to design and execute successful campaigns. Prevail is your one stop shop for all your campaign needs.

        Political Services:
Political Management & General Consulting
            Super PAC/501c(4) Set-up, Fundraising, Strategy & Implementation
            Direct Mail & Graphic Design
            Message Development
            Polling Analysis
            Grassroots Consulting
            Website design and digital media consulting
            DC PAC Fundraising

Public Affairs

With Washington in a constant state of gridlock, it’s harder than ever to have your voice heard. We work with our clients to define priorities, develop compelling messages, and ensure that the right audiences hear your message at the right time. We are experts in corporate positioning, brand management in the Washington context, and designing digital and grassroots advocacy strategies.

We employ battle-tested campaign strategies to develop comprehensive grassroots advocacy efforts through traditional and non-traditional techniques both in DC and in districts such as paid and earned media, state of the art social media engagement, targeted digital advertising, and hiring staff depending on the nature of the project.

Public Speaking/National Political Updates

Prevail’s founders have travelled the world giving speeches on national politics, public policy issues and the political process. We can provide any audience with an enlightening and entertaining presentation with insights fresh off the front lines of the debate.